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Racing Messerschmitts

The Forgotten Ones – Feriha "Feri" Cansel


forgotten onesa1114_Feri Cansel_01
Feriha "Feri" Cansel
(7 July 1944 – 2 September 1983) was a Turkish Cypriot actress.

She was born Lefkoşa (Nicosia), Cyprus and spent her early youth in the United Kingdom, acquiring British citizenship and she became a hairdresser in London. Once settled in Turkey, she also obtained Turkish citizenship, marrying for convenience the janitor of the block of apartments in İstanbul where she lived concluding for that purpose. She started in show business as a show stripper and she appeared in her first film in 1964.

a1114_Feri Cansel_08a1114_Feri Cansel_09


She started her acting career with secondary roles in Turkish cinema‘s mainstream movies, and who attained fame after she started to appear in seks filmleri, a particular genre of which had developed in Turkey in the mid-1970s to last until the eve of the 1980s. Her name became synonymous with the then rising wave of films of the genre, with a much reduced story line and a soft- to mid-hardcore pornographical content arranged to match the tastes of local audiences often disguised as comedy films. In this regard, Feri Cansel held the same title as such other cult actresses of the time as Zerrin Egeliler, Arzu Okay, Zerrin Doğan and Figen Han.

a1114_Feri Cansel_02a1114_Feri Cansel_04

According to the Sinematürk database of Turkish films, Feri Cansel’s career spanned 18 years during which she acted in 136 films. 120 of these films can be categorized as belonging in the erotic line. Cansel herself, on the other hand, claimed in 1978 that she had by then appeared in 350 erotic movies. Both figures could make Cansel win the career-long title for the highest number of erotic Turkish movies made by any actor/actress.

a1114_Feri Cansel_06a1114_Feri Cansel_05

The difference between the two figures is explained by the extensive practice at the time by the film producers, who viewed films that were shot not as parts of a single work but merely as source material for production of multiple films, to cut and paste. Erotic scenes, especially, were often cut and pasted to assemble new films from various parts of existing ones. This peculiar practice was called "parça" (literally the "fragment"), and the term was extended into the movie theaters themselves to include the practice by the operators of inserting hardcore material, which was European most of the time, into Turkish "erotic" films.

a1114_Feri Cansel_07a1114_Feri Cansel_10

Cansel’s liberal use of foul language in her films earned her the nickname of Emmanuelle of Kasımpaşa, a popular quarter of Istanbul notorious for its peculiar speech rich in slang.

She was killed by her fiancé in İstanbul in 1983. Cansel was survived by her daughter İlter Özcan who is also an actress with the alias "Zümrüt Cansel".

Text from Wikipedia

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Don’t You Just Love Christmas Shopping

Saturday Quiz: Guess That Ass


a1081_guess that ass_ah
Let’s see how well you have studied classic celebrity backsides visitors.
The question is simple; Who’s famous ass is this?

And last Saturday’s ass belonged to  Raquel Welch as lots of you guessed

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The Sunday Comic – Tricking Oldies

This Week’s Girliemag Article – Truly A Darling


A digital recreation of an article published in Frolic Magazine Vol15 No6 from 1968

headingimg_001 Like the song says, it’s not nice to "call everybody darling," But some girls are just darling, period. They are cute, lovable and cuddly-and real dolls? So what do you call them if not darling? Especially one who is called Darling by darn near every man that she meets-even her college professors!

Read the whole article and
see all the pictures HERE

Warning: Nudity do occur in this article. If you are under age or live in a country where watching images of nude women for some reason  is against the law  I take no responsibility if you click the link above. In other words you’re flying solo from here on – Ted ;-)

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On This Day in 1952 – London Fog Clears After Days Of Chaos


Sunshine has returned to the capital following four days of dense fog in which London transport was brought to a standstill. The atrocious conditions led to widespread disruption of rail, road and air services and affected shipping on the River Thames.

a1116_london fog_01

As freshening winds and milder temperatures dissipated the fog today London buses and coaches ran normally but still with some delays on the Southern Region railway.

The fog, which began on 5 December, also affected other areas of the south-east, with icy roads causing several road accidents. Ambulance men and firemen had to walk ahead of their vehicles to reach those in need. It also spread as far as northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

A cross-channel ferry carrying 300 passengers from Folkestone to Calais was 15 hours late. The ship had to anchor off the French coast, unable to get into port due to poor visibility.

Virtual shutdown

Fog descended on London once again yesterday evening at the end of a relatively clear day.By 18:30 London Transport reported a virtual shutdown of its north-east London service and nearly all buses were out of action.

Only the London Underground was still running, but as buses stopped running once visibility was reduced to a few hundred yards this too became congested.  At Stratford, on the Central Line, 3,000 people queued for tickets.

a1116_london fog_02

London Airport was also severely affected – BOAC reported just two departures and four arrivals yesterday. All other flights were diverted to Hurn, near Bournemouth and passengers were taken by train to Waterloo.

Crime spree

The severe weather conditions led to a rise in crime as robbers used the cover of fog to break into houses and shops and attack and steal from Londoners making their way home in the darkness.

The weather even affected cattle brought into Earls Court in preparation for the Smithfield Show. Farmers spent hours trying to reach the capital and when they finally arrived found many livestock had breathing difficulties. At least one animal died.

Opera and football cancelled

There was no escape from the fog inside either, as it seeped into buildings as well as filling the streets. Last night, the Sadler’s Wells theatre had to end a performance of La Traviata after the first act because the auditorium had filled with fog.

a1116_london fog_03

The fog also took its toll on several sporting events. A University Association Football due to take place at Wembley was postponed. It is the first time any fixture has been cancelled at the stadium since it opened in 1923.

Most rugby matches were cancelled and no Association Football League matches took place in London

In Context

In the weeks following what became known as the Great Smog of 1952, it emerged that at least 4,000 people had died as a direct result of the weather.

They were mostly the elderly, the very young and those with respiratory or heart problems.

The main causes of the smog were by-products of coal-burning that had reached exceptionally high levels combined with high pressure, near-freezing temperatures and very light winds that meant the smog lingered for several days.

The authorities realised that drastic action was needed introduced the Clean Air Act in 1956.

It restricted the burning of domestic fuels in urban areas with the introduction of smokeless zones, but heavy fogs continued for some time after the Act while residents and operators switched to new sources of energy.

The Act was revised in 1968 when industries burning coal, gas or other fuels were ordered to use tall chimneys. In 1974 the first Control of Air Pollution Act introduced regulations on the composition of motor fuels.

By the 1980s and 1990s the increasing use of the motor vehicle led to a new kind of smog caused by the chemical reaction of car pollutants and sunshine.

The 1995 Environment Act introduced new regulations for air pollutants.

Text from BBC’s "OnThisDay"

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Alice in Wonderland Filmed In colour In 1903

The Beatles This Week


Did you ever wonder about what The Beatles were up to on a week-to-week basis?  Are you a Beatles trivia buff?  Test your knowledge at PlanetRetro’s “Beatles This Week” as you look at what happened to The Beatles in a specific week in time.

December 7, 1963 – “With The Beatles” topped the British charts and remained there for 21 weeks.

December 12, 1963 – The Beatles became the first ever act to knock themselves off the UK charts when “I Want To Hold Your Hand” replaced “She Loves You.”

December 9, 1964 – “Beatles For Sale” entered the LP charts at Number 1.

December 12, 1965 – The band played at the Capitol Centre in Cardiff.  It was the final show of their last British tour.

December 8, 1980 – John Lennon was killed outside his home in the Dakota building in New York City.  He was shot four times at close range by Mark David Chapman.

Taken from PlanetRetro’s “Beatles This Week”

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The Life & Times Of Aunt Mabel – Part 26



Here we have a nice picture of young Johnny’s mum and dad greatly enjoying themselves watching aunt Mabel on national television getting arrested at the prime minister’s new year’s ball. That she had managed to get in became a serious embarrassment for National Security as she was discovered by reporters as being absolutely plastered already before entering.

That she wore only her black silk dressing gown and high heeled slippers with furry pompons and had managed to get passed the guards with a solid supply of her own homemade booze was yet another embarrassment.

“I was just afraid they would serve nothing but champagne there” she later explained, adding “You need gallons of that French piss to get drunk. My bladder’s not build for the weak stuff.”

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